Vision Climb 28

Ah to ride with my husband.  How sweet it is.  I think I used to take for granted all the occassions we had to ride together.  Now with DD in our world, they are few and far between.  We are going to get there again soon, I know but for now I will cherish the few opportunities we get.  So Grandma Lynette came over and Dustin showed her around Inverness.  Meanwhile, Bill, Flash, and I got to ride to the top of Vision, took the singletrack, then down Shoe.  We dropped Flash off at home and headed out for the lower loop.  Of course, no matter how I feel, Bill drops me like I am going slow.  No worries though.  I had fun, he had fun and the best part about Inverness is that even on Memorial Day Weekend… we didn’t see anyone.  They joy of West Marin.

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Why Be Green…

to preserve is key

In America’s mass consumer market, I am compelled to make My Alibi’s products Green.  As a mother, a cyclist, a daughter of the Earth, I am obligated to make my decisions with great care to not waste the resources available to me.  In my personal life, I use my limited buying power to chose products that I feel support a sustainable future.  This means I may pay more for my bag of corn chips then the average American, but “more for your money” always has hidden costs.  Is it worth saving a dollar to support companies who have wasteful business habits?  I don’t think so.We are entering an age when the total cost of a product has to be calculated off more then just a price tag.  If we figure in sustainable factors as well, Quality over Quantity becomes a much more cost effective way to spend our resources.  I am not saying that we should all be able to go out and spend thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe but rather by shopping more consciously, we may decide on one nice product instead of a bag full of disposable clothing.

As a designer, these issues dictate my business model on a daily basis.  I am building My Alibi to be Green because I am obligated by my values to do so.  So what is being built into My Alibi products to make them Green?  I am excited to say that I have just started working with a local Manufacturer in Oakland that is very progressive.  MIO (made in oakland) is creating living wage jobs and sewing high quality products.  They are going above and beyond just being local by educating their employees and helping them integrate in to society.  These are big issues in an industry that is constantly under sold by Overseas Sweat shops.  High quality, durable products made from High Quality performance fabrics is a standard for My Alibi.  We are now working towards sourcing these fabrics made of Post Consumer Recycled materials (ie: pop bottles).

The idea behind My Alibi Bloomers is to be able to utilize your existing wardrobe more effectively on the bike by offering a comfort level that is superior to the competition.  Having one nice pair of Bloomers that you can wear with many skirts, capri’s, shorts, etc, rather then a specific wardrobe to get on the bike.  Not only is this a simpler way, but it also increases the opportunities to use your bike as transportation, while helping you preserve your unique style image.  Yes, this is a different way of thinking about fashion, BUT I honestly believe it is an asset for living a more Green lifestyle.

My Alibi products are High Quality basic essentials to help you be comfortable and feel beautiful on the bike.  You can be confident that your purchase of My Alibi Clothing will support Green values that are working towards a more sustainable future.

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Vision Climbs 25, 26, 27

Too busy to blog about nothing…  So I must say I have gotten to the top 3 more times in the last two weeks.  Twice pulling Dustin in the trailer and once with Gray, one of the kids I coach.  Let’s see… they were all magnificent days!  🙂

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Beauty in your Eyes

Beauty is how you feel inside

and it reflects in your eyes.

It is not something Physical.

~Sophia Loren

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Intuition & Inspiration

Live by intuition and inspiration

and let your whole life be a revelation.

~ Eileen Caddy

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just dance

just dance

Dance even if you have nowhere to do it but your own living room.


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Go Confidently in the way of your dreams.

~ Henry David Thoreau

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