About My Alibi

The Heart of My Alibi is to inspire women everywhere to get out of their SUV and pedal!  I mean at least once a week for one of those little trips.  You know the ones… to the park with the kids, so it will take you twice as long but I promise you’ll have more fun.  To the store for milk, to the coffee shop to meet the girls.  It will change your life!   You will see the world differently.  You will breathe as if it is your first breath.  You will feel better about your body.  You will smile.  And most importantly… you will slow down enough for just a moment to smell the roses.  If you still think you don’t have time, it is an excuse… find away around it.

As founder of My Alibi, I truely believe that if just 10% of American Women could leave their car in the driveway and ride their bike for JUST ONE UNDER 2 MILE ERRAND A WEEK, it would have an enormous impact on our society and bring our communities closer and healthier.  We all long for it, now we just have to do it.  Change is eminant… embrace it!


One Response to About My Alibi

  1. Donna Birky says:

    love your website, your blog, all of it! so awesome to see what you are up to my dear! It’s been a very long time! love, Donna

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