Upping the Ante on being Green

Green is more then grass for him

Green is more then grass for him

In a global economy buying local is honest.  The awareness of the human impact on the world around us has reached the mainstream level.  Being Green is trendy today.  Caution must be taken to shop with a sense of responsibility.  Part of this is seeking out Brands and Businesses whose practices are environmentally and socially responsible.  But none of those choices should out way the mindfulness of limiting excessive purchasing of products that could easily be substituted with lower CO2 items. This is the key to upping the ante of what it means to be green.  So what do I mean exactly?  It is the difference between buying a pound of mozzarella and cutting a chunk off for the little ones, or buying individually packaged string cheese sticks, or a gallon of apple juice instead of 2 oz un-recyclable juice boxes.  Is the convenience really worth the amount of wasteful packaging headed to our landfills?  Being Green is more then changing your lightbulbs and buying a Prius, it is a conscientiousness that we must make a way of life.

Maybe for you, its running a few errands on your bike that saves you a tank of gas every month and yourself a couple hours in the gym.  For everyone the awareness of how far your produce traveled to reach you is essential food for thought.  My friend living in London told me recently that they have started to notate the air miles on produce so that the consumer can make a more educated decision on their purchases.  Do you really need those blueberries from Brazil or apple from New Zealand?

Being Green isn’t something that you can just make a choice to be, it is a constant learning experience that continues to offer a new sense of awareness that, hopefully, will allow us to make choices to lighten our own CO2 footprint.  We must remember though that we live in societies and communities that have to take responsibility for ourselves as a whole.  Thus, our individual CO2 footprint is not just the wisdom we apply to our individual purchasing power, but also the way we share the knowledge and help others understand how vital their choices are as well.

Today the awareness is focused on food and home, but only when these areas are more understood by mainstream shoppers will they have a more dramatic impact on our local economies. By thinking of ourselves as investors in the future, we can create more localized agricultural options and open the doors for small businesses to flourish.  There will continue to be new areas to explore ways to buy, sell, and produce with more Earth friendly conscienceness.  Localizing communities is the way of the future as our grossly wasteful global systems are not sustainable.  Technology is a gift that once cleansed of its corruption and greed, can help us create systems that keep us connected, making the availability of local resources more evident.  William Blake said it well, “When the doors of perception are cleansed everything will appear as it is, infinite“.   With the ingenuity of today’s minds,  even in the coldest places in America, could provide it’s people with local organic produce year round.  We will have to start thinking about what we eat in a more seasonal manner that understands the cause and effect of nutrution.  Humans are the gardeners of the Earth, we must listen closely to our instincts in order for our residence to have a bright future on this planet.  As a mother, I believe we can.


About abbiemama

Former Pro Mountain Bike Racer, Mama of Dustin, Yogi, coach, designer.... Mission: To encourage more women to use their bike as transportation, fun and exercise. Be Green.
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