Vision Climb 18

To the Top.  To the Top.  To the top of Mount Vision.  I can only imagine how early my little DD is going to be riding to the top himself.  He is already so determined to push his little bike up singletrack.  When I say, “wanna get in the trailer and go for a ride?”  He beats me to the punch.  Today, with the squeeky monkey in one hand and the sippy cup of apple juice in the other, he was in and ready to roll before I even had my shoes on.  Even though he was tired he didn’t want to miss anything on the climb.  Almost cheering me on, his little voice is starting to be a constant in the background.  At the top he was an angel.  Exploring around the pond.  Pushing his boudaries a little bit, but being respectful of my wishes at the same time.  Then when I was ready to head back down, he happily consented.


About abbiemama

Former Pro Mountain Bike Racer, Mama of Dustin, Yogi, coach, designer.... Mission: To encourage more women to use their bike as transportation, fun and exercise. Be Green.
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