Vision Climb 12

“Hey Dustin let’s go for a bike ride,” I said to my happy little boy after he finished his toast.  With a huge grin he jumped up and ran across the room to grab HIS little wooden bike.  From now on the term Bike Ride takes on a whole new meaning.  I should have known it was going to be a challenge to make it to the top of Vision today before he got restless.  I pushed through the ast three switchbacks talking him through the sqeaking.  When I rolled through the gate I quickly jumped off to open the Chariot but he was now content.  Once it was open he grabbed the tennis ball, climbed out, and ran across the parking lot.  Heading straight for the pond, I quickly grabbed my water bottle and caught up to him.  We practice looing both ways and holding hands as we cross the road, then a giggling little boy is soon running down the singletrack.  We are lucky to have each other.  I don’t mind pulling and he loves the ride.  I cherish every moment as I know it won’t be long before he is racing me up the Mountain!


About abbiemama

Former Pro Mountain Bike Racer, Mama of Dustin, Yogi, coach, designer.... Mission: To encourage more women to use their bike as transportation, fun and exercise. Be Green.
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