Vision Climb 11

Top of Vision

Top of Vision

How it could be an even more spectacular warm day today then yesterday is beyond me, but it was.  February 1st feeling like October.  It feels more like Indian Summer then early spring though because it is so dry.  Way too dry.  Dried up pond dry.  We need rain.  But given the beautiful circumstances I was out to enjoy every minute of it I could today.  Prototype testing was name of the game today.  Everything I had on (besides my shoes and helmet of course) were My Alibi.  I was comfortable too.  I started the climb with my new longsleeve ballet neck top on over the strappy cami.  It was so unseasonably warm though I stopped in the dirt to peel off the longsleeve.  I was stoked at how easily I could get it off without taking my helmet off and the pocket worked great as a bag to keep it compact to put in the pocket of my Cami.  It felt great to have good power and be on top of my gears today.  Just doing climbing intervals, standing, breathing, and recovering.  I was the perfect temperature in just the cami and peddle pushers for the climb and only put the longsleeve back on for the decent through the trees.  Which brings me to these fabrics.  Ok.  So it is really dry right now, and I didn’t really sweat much on my ride yesterday but the fact that I am wearing my peddle pushers for the second day in a row without a washing is a good sign.  They look fresh and clean too.  Of course, I had fresh Bloomers on underneath, which is really the beauty of the combo.  This line is definitely going to catch on soon.  Women like clothes.  These are some good clothes.  Yes…  I do still have some things to tweak but they are getting so close and are really performing well on the functional side.  I feel this amazing maternal power right now.  My son is beautiful and My Alibi is developing.  I am not perfect.  But I am persistent and dedicated and my vision is clear.

The second half of my ride was just plain strange.  As I started on the flat section of Redwood I ran into two delirious old men that were definitely lost.  Once I got them heading in the right direction, I moved forward on a mission to destroy the stunts built by the young local kids.  Suddenly, it became clear that it was my job to reprimand them for unsafe and enviromentally destructive building.  Of course, they are just having fun but we as moutain bikers have worked hard to get respect and this doesn’t help.  I am going to have to explain this to them, I think.


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Former Pro Mountain Bike Racer, Mama of Dustin, Yogi, coach, designer.... Mission: To encourage more women to use their bike as transportation, fun and exercise. Be Green.
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