Vision Climb 9

Can you say granny gears?  Wow!  I think my son has gained some weight since November!   Today, I finally got my geared bike back in riding condition, which means I could tow DD to the Top of MT Vision again.  The poor Ti hardtail has been hanging neglected since Thanksgiving when hubby discovered the rear brake was blown.  So for 2 months, I have been Single Speed bound (with the exception of a couple of road rides).  Since my road bike is carbon (can’t tow with that!) my only towing option has been my single speed.  Now on the flats that is all good and dandy but you try towing an 18 month old up a mountain on a 34/17!  Not happening!  So Today, I eagerly fixed a flat, swapped my pedals, hooked up the trailer, loaded him up and jumped on my bike.    I hit the dirt and… whoa…  okay, down shift.  By the time I hit the first pitch I was already in my granny gears.  Gotta save the knees so it’s all good, but to my surprise, I stayed in the small ring the whole way up the mountain!

It was a gorgeous day.  Clear and sunny but definitely winter brisk… especially on the way downhill.  When we got to the top my little partner had woken up from a brief snooze on the climb and was ready to run around.   So off to the pond to throw some sticks.  I wonder how these early experiences are going to effect him later.  He is already so familiar with the top of the mountain that he just takes off out of the parking lot and crosses the road to the trail to the pond.  Of course, I am two steps behind him so it is safe.  He giggles the whole way and would walk right into the water if I didn’t stop him.  The pond was so low today that we could walk all the way around the pond in the sand if we wanted to.  I chased him about half way around noticing fresh coyote tracks.  In my 6 years in Inverness I have never seen the pond so dry.  The rocks, that are usually under water completely by this time of year, are protruding like islands in the middle.  I throw a few sticks for Flash and he seems to be walking rather then swimming most of the time to get them.  I think tomorrow Dusty and I will start doing a rain dance…  Well, maybe next week since we do enjoy the sun!


About abbiemama

Former Pro Mountain Bike Racer, Mama of Dustin, Yogi, coach, designer.... Mission: To encourage more women to use their bike as transportation, fun and exercise. Be Green.
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