Vision Climb 6

Rainbow of Hope

A day of giving.  Instead of the usual clip of my own pace or chasing Bill, today I gave my ride to some kids.  Grant it, I intended it to be a larger group but the rain left me with two eager boys.  At 12 & 14, it is terrific to see them charging the mountain to crest the top even in the gloom.  There is something special about the charisma that the Mountain Vision gloom carries.  It is energizing to say the least.  Gray and cold yet the drops of water gently hanging from the bare branches reveal  glimmer of hope that we have going into the New Year.  There is something about today that gave me the confidence to look at tomorrow with light even dispite the current economic crumble.  We do have to remember that for rebirth there must be a shedding of skin, per se.  I am still in this game because even though I am creating a product that falls into the consumerism game ~the tangled mess that has brought us to economic meltdown~ my goal is to push forward a way of life that is more simple and connected.  Connected to Earth and socially.  Making communities more localized but allowing us to think smart, sharing the abundance to minimalize waste.  Waste of energy from a planetary persepective rather then a personal physical perspective.  In other words, pushing the slow movement forward in our local communities but not being lazy.  For My Alibi that is creating the option in women’s minds to ride a bike as transportation.  It is neccessary to experience the true joy of riding a bike to find the passion to jump on it liberally to get here and fro.  This is why I must carefully direct my marketing to the recreational aspects of riding a bike.  Like today.  Oh did I ride my single speed slow today.  But it was still a pleasure.  Really it was.


About abbiemama

Former Pro Mountain Bike Racer, Mama of Dustin, Yogi, coach, designer.... Mission: To encourage more women to use their bike as transportation, fun and exercise. Be Green.
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