Green Lifestyle on the bike

The bike is a key element to a Green Community on many complex levels.  For most people the obvious reason is anti-CAR. Of course, in our traffic jammed society, this is an important factor.  The more people that implement the bicycle into their transportation regime, the greater the impact we can have on lowering fuel emission pollution, lessen traffic congestion and slow the ever escalating need for more concrete expansion.  There are also personal benefits that occur naturally when we choose to pedal our way around town.  The absence of road rage leaves most bike commuters arriving with a smile even if the circumstances were not perfect.There is just something about the wind in your face and your heart pumping that makes the effort worthwhile   In our busy lives connecting to our bodies on the bike can almost be a surreal experience.  The bike becomes a place to reflect and clarify the mind.  The physical act can be strenuous but the rhythmic action releases endorphins that allow for conscious thought.  The combination of mental and physical activity gives our complex brain’s a chance to find balance in a world that otherwise demands us to tax one piece of our intelligence and let the other elements shrivel.  Of course, there are other means to find this center but the awakening of the mind to the environment around us is a unique experience to the bike that requires us to take action in our lives.  For those commuting through densely populated cities, this may resemble a new sensitivity to bikes when behind the wheel of a car.  Or a profound realization that some trips actually take less time by bike without traffic and parking conditions.  Or maybe just noticing a mural, or finding something beautiful along the way that you would not have otherwise noticed. For those escaping to the woods the experiences could stimulate a desire to preserve nature and take action to protect the environment.  No matter how brief or extended ones ride may be there is no question that social interactions made on a bike have a greater sense of worth then the numerous motorized passings we make each day.  The opportunity to share a smile or brief “Hello” offers us a sense of connectedness that is essential to the development of community.  The time spent pedaling becomes a ritual to engage in the culture surrounding us.  It gives us a choice to participate in creating the future and being the change that we want to see in the world.

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The Green Bike is Queen

Let’s face it, transportation is one of the biggest global environmental issues, and we must see change in our lifetime.  With the fast pace that we live in, it is really hard to leave the car parked and find alternatives.  At My Alibi we believe that the bike is Queen in the world of Green transportation.  Not only do you leave the car parked, but it is good for the heart, body, and mind as well as the planet.  My Alibi is dedicated to inspiring more women to pedal their bikes, for at least a few, of those short little trips and errands we each make everyday.

By creating a line of feminine clothing that looks great on and off the bike, yet functions well while riding, we are supporting all women to integrate the bike into their lifestyle in a sustainable manner.  You don’t have to be a “cyclist” to ride a bike to the grocery store for milk, or to meet your girlfriends at the coffee shop.  What a better way to get to Yoga class, put yourself in the perfect space to accept balance, I promise you will be smiling in bliss as you pedal home.

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Dirt Bowl Highlights

I have never been much of a football fan so when I heard MCBC and NorCal MTB League were putting on the Dirt Bowl, it was the perfect excuse to get out the Super Bowl Party.  Once I realized it was raising money for Safe Routes to School as well as the NorCal League, two programs to support the next generation on bikes, I was in!  Being a mom living in Wild Inverness, Safe Routes to School is one of the top advocacy programs that I support.  I want my little boy to be able to ride his bike to school so have vowed to do everything I can to assure that route is a safe one.

The ride itself was just social muddy fun.  Since my husband and I had the pleasure of riding Specialized Demo bikes, we were like kids ourselves out there.  the group consisted of a handful of MTB legends: Dave Weins being the guest celeb, along with Otis Guy, Ned Overend and usual Fairfax suspects.  Then there was the group of less famous but just as influential group with the newly elected NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association) president, Gary Boulanger, who was admittedly dropped by his own two teenage kids.  Overall everyone was there to celebrate the bike as a great sport for kids.

After a hot shower and some food everyone gathered to hear Matt Fritzinger’s quiet dry humor as he updated us on the happenings of NICA and Norcal.  The crowd lit up as he explained, with a brilliant analogy, how he overcomes the huge task of presenting MTBing as an Interscholastic High School sport to the powers that be. 

He started by saying, “I just pretend it is football that I am selling,” with a sheepish smirk he continues, “So I am thinking we put a bunch of kids in gladiator outfits and have them battle over a pigskin ball on this really expensive astro turf that we install at every school.  Of course, its only for the boys, but we’ll let the girls get involved and stand on the sidelines in short skirts and jump around screaming with pom pom things in their hands.  Yeah!  That will sell!”

Of course, his point is no matter how logical MTBing is to us cyclists or how strange it is to others, it’s not logic that’s going to sell it.  But our sport deserves to be recognized and needs our support to be accepted.  I’m in!  Are you?

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The Meaning of Success


To Laugh often and much;

to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;

To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends

to appreciate beauty,

to find the best in others,

To leave the world a little better

whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition;

To know that even one life breathed easier because you have lived.

This is the meaning of success


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Liza in Argentina

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See the Buzz

Review in Bicycle Times

Review in Bicycle Times

Those of you that have the Bloomers know just how easy and comfortable they make getting around on a bike.   The word is starting to get out which is great news for My Alibi Clothing.  Some of you may have discovered our recent Special on either or PPOL News, while others might have seen it on Fitness for Mommies.  Martha Danly at Green By Design took an indepth look at our motives behind, My Alibi Clothing.  She helps us point out the usefulness of the bicycle as a form of transportation in her witty article.  Undoubtedly, the idea of wearing your fashionable attire on the bike is quite the European norm.  Copenhagen Cycle Chic is a fashion aficianto who noticed the Bloomers as an asset to the skirt wearing pedalers.  The European Magazine Sportsister selected the My Alibi Bloomers in their Top 10 items to help make your city ride both stylish and practical.  In the States, Elle Thalheimer did a review of the Bloomers for calling them “…an incredible addition to a female cyclists wardrobe.”  Tammy Gibson of Fit Yummy Mummy says “the Bloomers are a great little secret to keep your bum from getting sore in spin classes or spins through your neighborhood”.    I recently discovered another Blog that discovered My Alibi Bloomers is the North Shore Mountain Biking Forum, which we agree the Bloomers are a supurb chamois to sport under your downhill attire.  Out on the News Stands now is the brand new Bicycling Times Magazine which is catering to the Urban riders.  This first edition Magazine, has a nice product review of the My Alibi Bloomers too!   If you still need some more recommendations feel free to check us out on FaceBook as our Fans will surely tell you their tales!  Thanks for your support!  Together we will change the face of the commute, one bike at a time.

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Vision Climb 29

This morning I was pedaling nice and early as I rode to work at the Bear Valley Inn.  It is always the best way to start a morning, especially when taking care of others is first on the list.  On my way home I started getting into slow mode.  Just as I caught myself yawning a guy on a road bike came up on my left and startled me.  Since I had just barely crossed the line between Inverness Park and Inverness, I wasn’t about to let him fly by me that easily.  So I caught his wheel.  As the rule of drafting suggests, it actually made my ride easier.  I had to hit my brakes a couple of times (obviously he wasn’t up for the challenge to drop me) and then I saw the Inverness sign.  It was still a ways off but I knew I could drop him and make it home without him being able to catch my wheel.  So I fired.  I didn’t look back once until I was safely inside the front gate at my house.  Apparently I schooled him because I waited a minute and still didn’t see him.  Poor guy, getting schooled by a girl in cords and a fleece on a MTB.   Oh well, at least I know I still have it even without the training hours.

So I let Bill go ride when I got home.  At 3:30 it was my chance to hit the dirt.  Feeling my feminine self, I took off up the hill in my My Alibi Reversible Skirt and a sweatshirt (over my prototype Tear Drop Cami of course).  When I got to the top I decided to stick to the road today.  When I broke off onto the singletrack, I decided at the last minute to take the more technical Redwood.  I have to say this was the most technical ride I have ridden my Reversible Skirt on and it caused no problems.  I mean really, there was no interference even in the most behind the seat sections.  I was stoked to discover this.  I still don’t think I will advertise this feature, but it is good to know for my understanding.  I would have to say it technically out performs the Simple Skirt just because it is less likely to get caught up on the seat.  Gotta love dropping knarl in a skirt!

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